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Investment Philosophy 


LA MOUGINE Specialises in identifying high-quality assets that are undervalued, underachieving and under-resourced.

  • Investment strategy –  Acquisition of Investment Grade Bonds & Assets.

  • Portfolio diversification – balancing asset classes, geographical coverage, and long/short term growth.

  • Sourcing investment property – using market expertise to identify undervalued property with potentials.

  • Construct and implement asset management – full business plan for every proposed real estate asset, including evaluation of market value, income generation, and risk assessment; recommended capital expenditure to improve value, income, occupancy rate; financial restructuring; and exit strategy.

  • Executing transactions – purchase and disposal of assets, with full due diligence, including assessment of risks associated with property, vendor/purchaser, market conditions, geography, regulatory environment.

  • Engineer local property ownership structure and deal with Directorships in local SPVs.

  • Implement income generating initiatives – ongoing audit of each property in the portfolio, including investing in improvement to ensure sustainable growth of income and long-term income security.

  • Recruitment of partners – relying on our network of partners to provide services such as  development, management, leasing, marketing and conveyancing of property.

  • Identify optimum timing for asset disposal – depending on market conditions and demand from potential purchasers.

      A good company is not always a good investment and a bad company is not always a bad investment.

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