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LA MOUGINE is a independent boutique investment management practice, which offers financial  consulting to professional investors.  We offer investment advisory, investment planning and solutions.

  • Diversify into direct or collective investments planning and solutions;

  • Maximize the potential of their investment portfolio;

  • Expand into new European markets.


The interest of Bayadera SA are uniquely aligned with client objectives for sustainable, secure, long-term growth of the portfolio.

As main objective to advise Investment Funds as they develope pan-European portfolios, spanning all asset classes including investing in Financial Institutions.

A successful investment strategy must balance capital preservation with wealth creation. It must focus on a long-term horizon, constructing a diversified portfolio that covers multiple asset classes across different geographies. But it should remain flexible, always striving to minimise operational cost and risk.

Active asset management is critical to ensure optimized return on investment. Close co-operation between adviser and investment group is key to speeding up and reducing the costs of transactions, and improving the capital value and income for the investor.


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